Reflection about Teaching

I have just read my blog today, and was looking back, remembering that I was going to reflect at the end of the day and question my thinking. Well like a lot of the time I have become too busy and haven’t really made time to do this.

At the moment I am really tired, and feel like I am not keeping up with all the expectations and deadlines. Although I feel like I have made a break through with my class and their behaviour. I used the skills I learnt from the training on Friday “Managing Challenging Behaviours” and have continued to use the positives. This is very draining and quite difficult at times. However after two days I have started to see some small improvements.

I guess this is a breakthrough on one hand and the fact that I have come so far with this class is an achievement in itself. I think I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself, and try to focus on one thing at a time. Now I have developed the good relationships with my class I now need to focus on the learning I can achieve from them.

Over the past couple of weeks I have seen the importance of scaffolding and making tasks achievable for all students. It’s really important that students can be successful, and by spelling out the tasks, and simplifying them for all students this makes it much easier, for both teaching and learning. However it is a lot harder than it sounds. I guess the difficulty I seem to have with this is I find I will talk too much and lose the concentration of the class, but when I don’t go through step by step the work standard is far less. So I guess I’ve got to try and work on simplifying the talking and getting more class imput.

So what I have learnt of the past few days is it’s really important to be positive. I will continue to reflect on this and hopefully the postitivity I will be demonstrating in my classroom will help me achieve all the other goals I have for myself and the students.


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