e-Teacher Relection in School

I have set up my event now and am just fiddling around with the finer touches. I am really excitied with the event and had a go with the class on moodle yesterday. I was very pleased to see that the students were very engaged. It was a bit difficult setting them up, and I think that maybe I will need to enroll them first because at this age this was difficult and I seemed to be saying things over and over again. But I guess this was the first trial and from here it will get easier.

 Thinking about it it’s probably better if students do enroll themselves as they will hopefully down the track be enrolling in other events and hopefully will be able to participate in these. Therefore learning how to create a new account is useful.

I also today set up my first Centra session as a leader and confidently set up a public event. This made me feel really good as I was able to feel very confident using Centra and think I am at the applying stage where I could teach others.

Today made me become very excited about what I was doing. I have successfully put my event together and am working to set up another event with other teachers in the school. However at the same time I am a little frustrated, confused and I’m not sure of another word, but really want to work with other teachers and show them new technologies, but just don’t seem to be able to do this

The problems I am facing are that people I want to contact are in classes too busy or are too scared to use the equipment so shy away. My next issue to sove next week is going to be how I can get other teachers invovled and as enthusiastic as I am to be involved in online learning, and make them want to have a go at using the technology.

We have all this expensive equipment and tools at the school but no one knows how to use them in their classroom or anyway, and this seems to be a real waste of money and resources!


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