Reflection Day Two Tuesday 11th April 2006

April 12, 2006 kimberley

Today was a very intense day, lots more information and ideas floating around in my head, again. I was brain dead today and found it very difficult to process information and talk through ideas and questions with others.

Even though I was brain dead, and found it difficult to take different information I did enjoy listening to Barb's ideas, about making children think while they are learning. This did force me to challenge my pedagogy's, and really think about, whether I am getting the best out of my studentsand have I developed learning opportunities, that include the 3 e's "Make a life, make a living and make it fair?" 

At this stage I'm not really sure whether I have done this effectively all the time, but I now know where it is I want to head with my learning and teaching. I think it's important that I continue to reflect my learning and teaching practises. I need to make an effort to sit down at the end of each day and question myself. I see this as a great opportunity to think about whether I have created opportunities for all students to achieve, and really think outside of the box.

I am excited about the new ways of teaching or should I say facilitating student learning. I would really like to see when I return to school were my thoughts and ideas will lead me. At the moment I see it as a one stage process. If I continue to think positively and trail my new learning ideas, in the near future I can see better learning outcomes for all students.


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