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Last Day, Thursday 13th April 2006

The week has now come to an end and I have to say I am a little sad. It didn't really daunt on me how much I had learnt this week or how many connections I had made until I got home. I seem to find my best time to stop, reflect and think is in the shower and that's what I have done tonight, and am now writing this post!

Before the week had begun I had different expectations of what the induction was going to look like. I was also very reluctant about staying in a hotel each night. I wanted to stay at home with my family and catch up with them, while I had the chance. Why did we have to stay in a group and why was it so important?

I now have the answers to these questions and understand the benefits of staying as a group. Having the opportunity to mix and socialise with people after hours has a wonderful affect on relationships. It seems that the when it becomes night or when we are outside of a building and common known area people are seen in a different light. This is what I have experienced on this week's induction. I have become very close with a big group of people who last week I had no idea about. I now feel very comfortable to work with these people together to achieve common outcomes.

I am very excited about this new role I have taken up and am in a funny kind of way missing all of my new friends!

Like Sue said at the beginning of the week "You will be a different person at the end of the week?" I think I have achieved this goal, and am excited about the person that has come out.



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Day 3 Wednesday 12th April 2006

Wow! Busy day once again….. Today I was able to work through a lot of ideas and have a play with new tools like wikkis and moodle. I really enjoyed working together as a team and brainstorming event ideas with Mark and Micheal. Working together is going to be great!I am very excited about this and feel we will be able to come up with some great projects….very excting!!!!

I really enjoyed brainstorming ideas in wikkis, being able to continually able to post ideas anywhere I am? This will also allow Mark, Micheal and I to keep in contact regularly and in our own time.

Today and throughout the week I have made a lot of links with David Langford tools. It was great that Mark also went to the conference on the weekend and both of us are able to bounce off of each other with our ideas.

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Reflection Day Two Tuesday 11th April 2006

Today was a very intense day, lots more information and ideas floating around in my head, again. I was brain dead today and found it very difficult to process information and talk through ideas and questions with others.

Even though I was brain dead, and found it difficult to take different information I did enjoy listening to Barb's ideas, about making children think while they are learning. This did force me to challenge my pedagogy's, and really think about, whether I am getting the best out of my studentsand have I developed learning opportunities, that include the 3 e's "Make a life, make a living and make it fair?" 

At this stage I'm not really sure whether I have done this effectively all the time, but I now know where it is I want to head with my learning and teaching. I think it's important that I continue to reflect my learning and teaching practises. I need to make an effort to sit down at the end of each day and question myself. I see this as a great opportunity to think about whether I have created opportunities for all students to achieve, and really think outside of the box.

I am excited about the new ways of teaching or should I say facilitating student learning. I would really like to see when I return to school were my thoughts and ideas will lead me. At the moment I see it as a one stage process. If I continue to think positively and trail my new learning ideas, in the near future I can see better learning outcomes for all students.

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Reflection Day One Monday 10th April 2006

Today was really exciting for me and at the same time I was very nervous. I was nervous about the whole situation – I was going to be in a room with lots of people I didn’t know. What would happen if I didn’t have the same skills as them, would I get to know anyone, would I find someone I could work with or would I be all by myself, continuing to question my own ability. From the moment I walked into the room, I knew I wasn’t the only person feeling the same. All of the e-Teachers, were together in the same room with the same questions as everyone else. 

As the day went by I realised that maybe it was going to be okay and I did have the skills I needed to go through with this project. I am a person who likes to get told what to do and follow through with the process, until I get it right for that person. This is the way I have learnt, this is my comfort zone, and today was a new process for me. At first I was a bit worried that our presenters/leaders still weren’t clear about our role and what it was that we were supposed to be achieving over the next 3 years. I was becoming confused with all of the language and new ideas that were floating around the room, and I guess a little stressed of what was going to be asked from me. Once again my learnt behaviours were inhibiting me from learning in this new way. I didn’t want to brainstorm and think of ideas, as I guess I was afraid of failure and trying new things. 

As well as being frightened, scared and pushed out of my comfort zone, I was also motivated and excited. I can see this project, a new way of learning and teaching, as a fantastic adventure for me professionally and also for my school and district. As I progressed through the day the technical language slowly seemed to come down to my level. I had a go at tasks and went through the so called difficult things in my head. I began to realise that I did have the skills and ability to work through this project, and i did have the knowledge of the language, even though I didn't think so at the time. I keep telling myself, one step at a time, you can do it.

One of the most important things I learnt from today was to make sure nothing is started without a goal and an ending point. It’s important to prioritise activities, plan my work and all activities to help me move towards exactly what I want to achieve.

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